The Notion Mom

The Notion Mom

Hi! I’m Julie, just your average elder millennial mom. I manage life, work, and family in Notion. Follow along for templates, tips, and a whole mood 😉 
I created these templates to share how I make Notion work for me. Not too simple, but not too over-engineered either (hopefully). Get in touch with questions and suggestions!


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About Me

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I have always been a fan of personal productivity tools and methods, and I’m a Notion enthusiast. As a parent of two, with a full-time job and a lot of interests, I use Notion to manage my life. Thoughts? Questions? Hit me up
At Home
My husband, Chris, and I have an 8 y/o, M, and a 3 month old, T
M is bold, strong-willed, creative, and trouble lol. T is a baby, he is very cute. We also have two dogs and live in Atlanta, GA.
When the pandemic is over (if it ever ends?) I want to get back to traveling
At Work
I’m a solution designer and complex problem solver, working in large scale software systems across a global enterprise. Currently building skills in Salesforce CPQ.
At Play
I love reading - mainly literary fiction and sci-fi & fantasy
If I cook for you, it means I love you
I wish I watched more movies - I was a film major in college, but my movie watching has really slowed down in recent years
Get in touch with me ⟶
twitter: @notionmom
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