The Notion Mom

New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not a big New Year New Me person, but I do enjoy a chance to reset, review, recharge. 2021 was really tough. 2020 was really tough. 2022 is already looking like it will be really tough. So I’m keeping things reeeaaalllyyy reasonable, being kind to myself, reminding myself that I don’t have to kill it every day and that some days just getting through is enough. But it’s important to me to still strive for something.
In 2022, I’d like to:
  • Cook fish twice per month - I like fish! I’m just not used to cooking it
  • Watch one movie per week - prevent the slow rot of my film major brain
  • Use the good stuff - wear the special perfume, light the bougie candle
  • Tip extravagantly
  • Practice gratitude every day
And of course, I’ll be tracking this in Notion. Still working out the details. Like I said, trying to be kind to myself ☺️